How Has Technology Changed Our Lives?

While technology has improved our lives, it has also contributed to the problem of resource depletion. While the increase in human population is partly due to better technology, it is also a direct result of the increasing amount of humans on the planet. While better technologies have provided us with more abundance and easier reproduction, the rise of technology has also resulted in some health epidemics. Our sedentary lifestyles and increased exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from electrical appliances can affect our immune system.

Mobile phones have revolutionized our daily lives. Mobile phones have made it easier to communicate with others through text messaging and email. People can still call and talk to each other through voice and video calls. Similarly, apps have improved social situations. For example, they allow you to transfer money from your bank account to a friend’s mobile phone. Another example of how technology has changed our lives is in the area of advertisement. Social media and the internet have made advertising easier.

Besides changing the way we live, technology has created more opportunities for the youth. Anyone with a skill can now start their own online business or become a programmer or designer and provide services remotely. As with any new development, there are both advantages and disadvantages. Teachers of computer science must ensure that students learn how to use technology productively to increase their employment opportunities. One major negative impact of technology is that it has changed the pace of time. Once a message took months to reach a distant place, now it takes seconds to reach a new destination.

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