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Quick and Instant Beauty Tips

Aloe Vera is a fantastic ingredient for a face mask. You can find it growing on window sills and terraces. Apply the aloe gel to your face and leave it on for fifteen minutes. After that, rinse with cool water isohunt. Repeat several times a day to keep your skin looking fresh and young. For an even faster face mask, use sandalwood powder mixed with rose water.

Cucumber has the same pH level as our skin, making it an excellent skin-brightening ingredient. Rose water will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated, while sandalwood powder will improve the appearance of dark spots. To apply these two ingredients, simply grate the cucumber and mix it with rose water. Apply it to your face and wait for twenty to thirty minutes. It works well to instantly brighten dark spots.

Cinnamon helps improve circulation to your skin and regulates blood sugar levels, which triggers glycation. Excess sugar is known to destroy collagen 7hdstar, a substance that causes sagging and wrinkles. In addition to drinking a glass of orange juice every day, Abby Jean, an aesthetician at herbal wildcrafted beauty brand Annemarie Skin Care, suggests combining face powder with a few drops of facial oil.

A two-minute face massage will not only help your face look refreshed and alive, but will also firm it up over time. A facial massage is a natural treatment for puffy eye bags, so try it once a day to keep the skin looking radiant and young. If you’re unable to afford expensive eye creams, you can try a homemade acupressure massage. You can use olive oil to remove makeup, and it can even be used as an eye cream.

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