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What Is the Car With the Worst Aerodynamics Ever Built?

Which car had the worst aerodynamics? The answer may surprise you, but it’s not quite as bad as you might think. The Ford Probe V has the lowest Cd (Coefficient of Drag) of any car ever built, and it’s also the worst-looking of the bunch. Its low-resistance hood is a testament to its aerodynamics, and its four wheels are covered with fairings. But what was the worst car ever built?

SUVs have a reputation for being the worst-looking cars, but the Model X may be a new exception. This all-electric SUV lacks a large engine up front, so it has a minimal drag and a 0.25 Cd rating. It’s also cheaper than most other cars, making it a better option for consumers. But the Model X isn’t the worst example of a car with poor aerodynamics. Click here Mallumusic for more information.

The Saab 92, launched in 1943, had aerodynamics that a modern vehicle would never dream of. Its body was largely flat, with small grille openings. While this may sound like a design flaw, it was one of the first cars to get a remarkably low drag coefficient (0.26). Modern coupes can’t match this, and the performance-oriented Calibra wasn’t much better. Its underpinnings made it a perfectly acceptable car to drive.

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The Ford Sierra was a major improvement over its predecessor, the Cortina. In the late 1980s, the Audi TT and the Opel Calibra ushered in a new styling trend with their aerodynamically efficient design. The latter car was a reimagination of the old CR-X, which launched in 1984. Its sleek lines and low aerodynamic drag made it one of the most efficient cars in the world.

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