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Why is the Education System So Terrible?

We have a school system that teaches children “either you make it or you don’t.” However, most pupils are not taught how to learn efficiently, which makes schooling ineffective. Moreover, most of the knowledge students learn will be forgotten after they pass their tests. Students also don’t have the opportunities to develop their talents because of the school system. Instead, they are forced to focus on a specific subject and forget about other topics, such as community, work ethic, and sleep.

Unfortunately, public schools face many challenges. Teachers can only do so much for students, and home life plays a crucial role in the development of children. Parents with no higher education may not have the time or energy to help their children. Moreover, students from low-income families face additional difficulties at home. Parents also may be focused on their careers, leaving them little time for their children’s education. Thus, the future prospects of young people depend on their race, income, and family situation.

A large part of the voting population doubts the effectiveness of public education. They doubt its political neutrality. They do not consider it a top priority in funding public schools. Instead, they view money as the motivation. In fact, the passage of No Child Left Behind is a prime example of how money motivates our society. However, public education is also riddled with bureaucracy and overly formalized. While some problems are long-standing, others are more recent and are the result of changes in policy and technology.

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